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Aquaponic Lava (Cinder) Rock, an all-natural growing medium that's perfect for aquaponic systems. Our black lava rock offers the same unique magnetic properties as the black lava sand, making it an excellent choice for promoting healthy plant growth in aquaponic setups.

Our Aquaponic Lava (Cinder) Rock is made from premium-quality black lava rock, which is porous and lightweight. It provides ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow, promoting healthy roots and overall plant growth. It is the perfect size for use in aquaponic grow beds, providing a stable base for plant roots to anchor into while maintaining excellent water flow.

Our black lava rock features unique magnetic properties, which further enhance its suitability for use in aquaponic systems. These properties encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which can help balance the ecosystem of an aquaponic system.

Our Aquaponic Lava (Cinder) Rock is easy to use and suitable for use in all aquaponic systems, regardless of shape or size.

Experience the benefits of our Aquaponic Lava (Cinder) Rock and take your aquaponic setup to the next level! Our high-quality black lava rock is the perfect choice for achieving healthy, energetic plant growth and enjoying the full rewards of your aquaponic garden.

Aquaponic Rock

  • Approximately 4 Gal

  • Approximately 27+ Cubic Feet