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Discover the ultimate secret to growing robust and healthy plants with our Premium Blend Compost (1" screen)! This living compost is meticulously crafted with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients, providing a nutrient-rich blend suited for growing all vegetation types. It’s no surprise that this blend is our most popular choice, as it's perfect for gardens or any type of vegetation!

At Growers Best Organics, nursery and worm farm, we take composting seriously. Being passionate gardeners ourselves, we understand the value of nutrient-rich soil and hence, our compost is composed of only the finest ingredients that are rigorously composted with strict standards, ensuring that no trash or impurities enter our product.

Our composting process begins with the addition of several minerals that aid in breaking down the compost and making it plant available. The compost is loaded with beneficial bacteria and fungi that create a healthy soil food web, that ultimately benefits your plants. With ingredients like composted wood, leaves, natural farm waste, tree shavings, horse manure, goat manure, steer manure, chicken manure, food scraps, fish bio-solids, worm tea containing natural plant steroids, basalt, rock dust, black volcanic cinder sand, and magic minerals, we ensure that our Premium Blend Compost provides the ultimate plant nutrition.

Whether you’re looking to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, or anything else, our compost is sure to produce a bountiful harvest. Add our Premium Blend Compost (1" screen) to your garden and watch your plants thrive!

Premium Blend ( 1" Screen)

  • Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB): 5 Gal