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A natural, high-quality solution for improving soil structure, water management, and plant growth. Ours is composed of porous, mineral-rich cinder rock that is said to contain magnetic properties that plants love!

Perfect for enhancing soil health, promoting beneficial microbe activity, and providing an optimal environment for roots to thrive. With a large surface area, the pumice provides ample space for beneficial bacteria and fungi to thrive, promoting healthy soil food webs that are essential for plant growth.

Our Black Pumice is also ideal for water management applications, including being used as a filter in aquaponics systems, and for water drainage and retention. Its high porosity and unique structure provide excellent water retention, making it perfect for areas that experience heavy rainfall or those with poor drainage.

In addition to its practical uses, it is also a visually stunning addition to any garden or landscaping project! With its dark, natural coloring and unique texture, it's sure to enhance the aesthetic of any space.

Overall a versatile and essential component for any gardener or landscaper looking to improve soil structure, promote plant growth, and manage water effectively. Get your hands on our high-quality Black Volcanic Pumice and see the difference it can make in your garden today!

Black Volcanic Pumice

    • Bag is Approximately 4 Gal
    • Tractor Scoop is Approximately 1/2 Yard
    • Bag is Approximately 4 Gal
    • Tractor Scoop is Approximately 1/2 Yard