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Introducing our Magic Minerals, a premium blend of granular time-release minerals designed to provide essential nutrition to all types of plants, resulting in healthier, tastier, and vibrant plant growth. Our Magic Minerals have a comparable mineral and structure composition to AZOMITE, making it an excellent alternative for all your plant growth needs.

Without the appropriate minerals, plant growth and development can be stunted. Our Magic Minerals are carefully formulated to provide a balanced and comprehensive mix of minerals that support healthy plant growth. Use as necessary or at a minimum of once a year at one cup per 50 square feet.

Our Magic Minerals are widely used to improve poor soils, especially sandy soils. Even small amounts of Magic Minerals have been shown to increase the growth rates and yields of many plants in sandy soils. It works best in conjunction with other organic soil amendments (compost, manures, native mulches, etc.).

One of the unique aspects of our Magic Minerals is that they have a negative charge, making them ideal for creating a healthy soil environment that promotes beneficial microbial activity. The particle size is so small that the surface area of 5-10 grams is equivalent to a football field. Plus, the hydrating structure of these particles is one of the highest available, contributing to enhanced water retention and uptake.

Our Magic Minerals are easy to use and suitable for use in all types of gardens, from raised beds to container gardens. Simply mix it into the soil, and watch your plants thrive!

Upgrade your plant growth with our premium blend of Magic Minerals and enjoy the delicious tasting and vibrant plants that result from using our expertly formulated product!

Magic Minerals

  • Approximately 4 Gal